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COVID-19 African Research Efforts - Take the Survey


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COVID-19 African Research Efforts - Take the Survey

The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) through its agenda-setting, funding and programme implementation platform, the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) wishes to document and consolidate all research efforts towards Covid-19 in Africa with the aim of increasing awareness, improving collaboration and coordination and leveraging on each other’s strengths to maximize the response in the continent.

We are thus conducting a survey to document the ongoing and planned research in all areas of science including basic science, social sciences, epidemiology and clinical trials. Please fill out the survey below which will take about only 5 minutes of your time.

Your personal data will be processed ONLY for the purpose to identify, understand, document and report on the current efforts on the African Continent towards Covid-19 and is governed by our AAS Data Privacy Policy. This data will be published on the AAS website except for your personal data (Name and contact details). The AAS, through its partnerships and collaboration, will make the information available to any potential parties, collaborators and sponsors that may be interested in contacting you.

The AAS will assume responsibility for the storage and maintenance of your information. For more information and/or queries visit our AAS website or address us on

Follow this link to take the survey