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Academic communities respond to society’s needs


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(courtesy: University World News, 06 Apr 2020)

Academic communities respond to society’s needs

(courtesy: University World News, 06 Apr 2020)

North African student unions and academic communities have launched several civic engagement and social responsibility initiatives, ranging from fundraising and awareness campaigns to consultancy guidance and medical initiatives, in an effort to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The students’ union of the University of Tripoli in Libya has launched the ‘I’m a volunteer against corona campaign’.

In a statement released on 15 March, the union said: “This is our duty and responsibility towards our country, our people and towards humanity… This is our time to unite efforts and ideas to face this pandemic that faces humanity and threatens everyone’s life.”

The union has called for financial assistance in procuring masks, gloves and sterilisers. It also seeks volunteer doctors, photographers and publication designers.

In response to the demand for sanitisers and disinfectants, the Sudan-based Omdurman Islamic University Teachers’ Association has produced hand sanitiser at the university and has distributed it free of charge to students and staff at the university as well as people in the surrounding area.

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