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Request For Proposals For Consultancy Services For The Provision Of Grantees Desk-Based Review

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Request For Proposals For Consultancy Services For The Provision Of Grantees Desk-Based Review


The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS) is a non-aligned, non-political, not-for-profit pan African organisation whose vision is to see transformed lives on the African continent through science. The AAS’s tripartite mandate is recognising excellence through the AAS’ highly prestigious fellowship, Affiliates and award schemes, providing advisory and think tank functions for shaping Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) strategies and policies and implementing key Science, Technology and Innovation programmes addressing Africa’s developmental challenges.


Transformed lives through science.


Leverage  resources  through  research  excellence  and  thought  leadership  for  sustainable development.


  • To conduct desk-based pre-grant assessments for the various AAS grantees.
  • To  assess  compliance  of  grantees’  organization  with  GFGP  standards  on  Finance, Governance, Procurement and Human Resource.
  • To produce compliance report to the grantees’ organization and the AAS.

Scope of work

The Consultant is expected to work with the AAS Finance department to conduct the GFGP Online Portal Desktop Review for the various grantees’ organization. The grantees organization are expected to have already completed and submitted their GFGP Online Assessment. The consultant may request for any additional information from the Grantees organization as they deem fit to help complete the review. The Consultant shall review and produce a report for Individual grantees organization as well as an Overall Report for the Management. To accomplish this, the Consultant shall provide a clear methodology and work-plan indicating all the steps and duration for the review.

Download RFP here

  1. Review grantees’ GFGP online assessment results;
  2. Obtain all the information needed from the grantees organization/institutes to conduct a desk- based review. The review should include review of below areas:
    a)  An understanding of the governance and risk management of the organization
    b)  Compliance to the tax regulatory authority and statutory requirements
    c)  Review of audited accounts & management letters
    d)  Controls around bank accounts and bank reconciliations
    e)  Human Resource policies and organisational structure
  3. Obtain the Organization/Institutes responses to AAS compliance questions;
  4. Conduct desk-based review and assess them off-site;
  5. Obtain an understanding of the results; this includes a comparison of the online results and off-site assessment results. Collaborate with the institutes to ensure that complete information has been provided;
  6. Prepare the institutes compliance reports and a consolidated report for the exercise.
  7. Review and discuss the compliance reports to ensure that the template captures all critical details;
  8.  Discuss  the  compliance  reporting  process  used,  identify  gaps/any  repetitions  and recommend changes;
  9. Discuss and record the recommended changes to the simple and standard process.
  10. Record any challenges encountered while conducting the off-site assessments.

Written reports should be submitted as a deliverable following the pre-award assessments. The reports should at the minimum comprise of the organizations background, methodology/approach, limitations of the review, reviewed documents, assessments scores, risks identified, risk matrix and detailed findings and recommendations on the issues identified during the pre-award desk review assessment.

Proposals from bidders should include the following elements:

a)  A covering letter introducing the submission

b)  Detailed CVs of the consultant(s) outlining the relevant skills and experience

c)  Five references from organizations with whom you’ve worked on similar projects outlining these past project deliverables and results;

d)  Proposed approach (methodology) to the assignment, including the use of in country offices, where appropriate.

e)  Include confirmation that there are no conflicts in performing this work, or if there are how these would be managed;

f)   Certificate of Corporation g)  Current business licenses

h)  Valid VAT and PIN Certificate

i)   Current valid Tax Compliance Certificate from relevant Revenue Authority

j)   Financial capability of the Company - submit the latest 2 year audited financial statements k)  Consultant(s)  are  encouraged  to  include  any  additional  information  they  believe demonstrates added value for the AAS within the scope of this assignment.

l)   Please note that at this point, we do not require financial proposal.

The Consultant should demonstrate skills and knowledge in the following:

a)    Should be registered with professional Accountancy Body (ICPAK)

b)    Over 5 years of Audit experience.

c)   3 years’ experience of conducting due diligence assessments.

d)  Provide 2 references for organization where similar work has been undertaken.

The following is a summary of the rated criteria and weightings for the evaluation of proposals. Firms who do not meet the minimum threshold score will not proceed to the next stage of the evaluation. Successful consultants will be shortlisted and invited for an interview.

Response will be evaluated based on the following criteria:




Section 1: Mandatory Documents


a)  Company Profile

b)  Financial capability of the Company - submit the latest 2 year audited financial statements

c)  Copy of Certificate of Corporation

d)  Copy of VAT/PIN Registration Certificate

e)  Current  valid  Tax  Compliance  Certificate  from  Kenya

Revenue Authority

f)   Copy of current Trade License.


NB: All the mandatory documents must be provided for the firm to be considered for Technical evaluation in Section 2 below


Section 2: Technical Evaluation


Adequacy  of  the  proposed  work  plan,  milestones,  outcomes,


deliverables and methodology in responding to the terms of reference.


Specific experience of the consultant related to the assignment and


successful outcomes (Provide evidence of having undertaken similar assignments in the last 5 years)


Qualifications and competence of the key staff for the assignment





This document is the property of the AAS and contains proprietary and confidential information. Recipients may use or reproduce the information detailed within this document and any other supporting information only to provide a response to this RFP.

The AAS makes no commitment to any consultant/service provider unless a contract has been awarded and signed by both parties. the AAS reserves the right to cease this exercise at any time. During the period of this activity, no contact should occur between any members of the supplier's staff and any member of The AAS staff in relation to this exercise other than through the designated contact points as detailed within this RFP. It is however recognized that pre- existing relationships if any, shall be respected.

Consultants should be aware that inappropriate publicity could have a serious effect upon the AAS’s business. The information contained within this document or subsequently made available to the consultant is deemed confidential and must not be disclosed without the prior written consent of The AAS unless required by law.