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Research Management Programme INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY DEVE LOPMENT in Africa (ReMPRO Africa)

Programme Brief


Sunday, 9th December, 2018

The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS) Research Management Programme in Africa 
(ReMPro Africa) is developing good standards of practice tailored at assisting African research institutions in their benchmarking function geared at improving their overall research systems allow easy assessment on institutions by funders and potential funders 

The process consists of measure taken by institutions toward improving efficacy of its researchers but not the research process itself.          

ReMPro Africa launched in 2016 alongside a process to develop standards for Good Financial Grant Practice. Members of the African Organization for Standardization 
unanimously voted in favour of adoption of the Final Draft African Standard for the GFGP in June 
2018, and the GFGP became a new international standard, ARS 1651:2018. The next stage is to 
develop an international standard for Good Research Management Practice (GRMP) mirrored on 
the GFGP process.

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