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Eunice Yemisi Thomas

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Research Topic: Effectiveness of agricultural organic waste to sequester carbon in soil planted to maize (A case study in mitigating climate change effect on soil carbon storage).

Grantee Description

Fellowship Category: Post-PhD

Nationality: Nigeria        

Home Institution: University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Mentor at Home Institution: Prof J A I Omueti   

Host Institution: University of Ghana (UG), Ghana          

Supervisor at Host Institution: Prof Samuel G K Adiku

CVF Thomas’ is interested in the use of fortified biochar to enhance carbon sequestration in soil. Her research is focusing on use affordable and accessible farm yard manure and rice husk biochar to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to develop an effective bio fertilizers technologies for farmers. Biochar from wood chips and other sources has been used over time to enhance carbon sequestration in soil.  Findings, however, show that biochar are nutrient deficient with high carbon content even though by their properties they enhance physico- chemical properties of soils. This study seeks to improve the nutrients status of biochar by co-composting with manures. It is expected that co-composting process will reduce overall greenhouse gas emission far less then it would happen in normal farm waste composting process. At the end of the study, she hope to come up with a fortified biochar that will be easy for the farmer to produce which will also improve and increase crop production. She expects the experience of CIRCLE will better equip her as a researcher in the production of biochar which is an emerging technique use in sequestering carbon storage in soil.