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Abimbola Oluwaranti

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Research Topic: Molecular characterisation and evaluation of elite maize germplasm for drought tolerance.

Grantee Description

Fellowship Category: Post-PhD 

Nationality: Nigerian      

Home Institution: Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Nigeria

Mentor at Home Institution: Prof S A Ajayi          

Host Institution: Makerere University (MU)        Uganda

Supervisor at Host Institution: Dr R Edema

CVF Abimbola’s research area is Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security.  Her proposed study is to characterise available tropical elite maize varieties for adaptability to the current resilient climate change Via SSR Molecular Markers before disseminating these varieties to farmers to enhance food security as well use as genetic materials for the development of more drought tolerant maize varieties. She identifies that phenotypic selection for drought tolerance is less accurate and takes time; therefore there is need for more accurate and faster selection method such as marker assisted selection (MAS) for the improvement of this crop.