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Benson Chuks Iweriebor

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Research Topic: Effects of climate change on the prevalence of arboviruses (Rift Valley fever virus and West Nile virus) among mosquitoes and the associated vulnerabilities in the Karoo region contiguous to the Eastern Cape and Free State Provinces of South Africa.

Grantee Description

Fellowship Category: Post-PhD

Nationality: Nigerian      

Home Institution: University of Fort Hare, South Africa

Mentor at Home Institution: Prof Anthony Okoh

Host Institution: Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania    

Supervisor at Host Institution: Dr Elia Mbaga;

CVF Iweriebor’s research area is infectious diseases. His research focuses on the role of climate change on the distribution and prevalence of arboviruses and the possibility of their transmission to humans via mosquitos’ bites. At the end of the CIRCLE visiting fellowship, Iweriebor hopes to come up with information about the epidemiology of arboviruses in the study area. He believes CIRCLE will open new doors for further research opportunities.