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Dr Ezikanyi Dimphna Nneka

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Areas of research interest: Aeropalynology, Climate change, Immunology

Grantee Description

Home Institution Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria

Host Institution Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science , Tanzania 


Summary of research 

The research is focused on impact of climate variables on atmospheric pollen and spores. Airborne pollen and spores are major environmental factors that trigger and exacerbate allergenic diseases such as asthma, conjunctivitis/rhinoconjuctivitis, rhinitis/hay fever, dermatitis /eczema, pollinosis etc. Increase in Co2 due to Climate change influences pollen and spores production, distribution and dispersal in atmosphere. The present research will focus on studying the spatial distribution and abundance of airborne pollen and spores across different climatic regions in Nigeria, this is to elucidate how climatic variables impact on airborne pollen and spores in different seasons (wet and dry seasons) in Nigeria.