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Grantees Profile

Ms Akuffobea Mavis

Country (Nationality)


Grantee Title

Areas of research interest: Climate Variability, Green Technologies and Environmental Conservation, Innovation Studies and Small and Medium Enterprises Development

Grantee Description

Home Institution Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (CSIR-STEPRI), Ghana.

Host Institution University  of Dar Es Salaam (UDMS), Tanzania 


Summary of research 

The negative effects of climate variability affect lives and livelihoods of the various social groups differently due to gender inequality caused by social roles and responsibilities, social status, economic power, and access to and control over resources. This study assesses the gendered impacts of climate change on livelihoods of people living in protected areas in Ghana. It aims to understand how the various gender groups are differently impacted by climate variability, the adaptation strategies they employ and their capacities from a gender perspective in terms of opportunities and challenges to better adapt to climate variability.