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The Global Grant Community (GGC)

A global platfrom to promote transparency and strengthen the governance of grant funding worldwide.

At the core of the Global Grant Community is a new international standard for Good Financial Grant Practice which provides an innovative and integrated approach to standardize, simplify and strengthen financial governance of grant funding worldwide.

The development of the GFGP standard was funded by Wellcome and the Medical Research Council (UK) as a platform of The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS).

The enabling platform allows community-based organisations, NGOs, research and academic institutions of any size to rate their capability to receive and manage grants. It provides an online self-assessment tool covering four grant management practice areas —financial management, human resources, procurement and governance — adopted by ARSO to promote transparency in the use of funds by local organisations to mitigate the risk of fraud and corruption.

Institutions are benchmarked on a cumulative four-tier assessment – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – that rates their capabilities to manage grants with the goal of:

  • Assuring grantmakers that their funds are going to recipient organisations with certified capabilities to manage grants
  • Reducing the resource burden of grantees by streamlining the audit process
  • Mitigating the risk of corruption and fraud

Benefits of the Global Grant Community

  1. Grantees will have a clearly defined set of requirements and a road map of capability they need to develop if they are growing in size and complexity
  2. A portal – based self-assessment tool that grantees of any size can use to benchmark their organisation against the standard, with an offline version for use in areas/times of poor connectivity
  3. A searchable database accessible to grantors to review the financial grant management capabilities of potential grantees ( subject to data protection requirements)
  4. Assessment against GFGP will help an organisation to identify their training and development needs to strengthen its financial governance of grants
  5. Efficiency gains for both grantors and grantees by eliminating repetitive pre-award assessments
  6. Certification that a grantee’s organisation is working in compliance to one of the four tiers of GFGP will provide an internationally recognised standard of their grant management capabilities.

Please note that we are unable to answer enquiries over the weekend, as the GGC Secretariat operates from 08:00 to 17:00 (East Africa time), Monday to Friday.

For any questions, Please visit the FAQ page Here. 

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