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Tianyu Wang

Elected: 2021

Country (Nationality)



Agricultural & Nutritional Sciences


Dr. Tianyu Wang is Distinguished Professor, Senior Chief Scientist, at the Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). Dr. Wang’s scientific fields focus at crop germplasm, genetics and breeding. His career has been devoted to solving problems in millet and corn production by excavating and utilizing excellent germplasm resources. His work in foxtail millet led to the doubling of its production efficiency, and promoted revolutionary changes in cultivation methods, which have immensely benefited China, and countries around the world. Dr, Wang has subsequently been engaged in promoting scientific and technological progress in the maize research, by enhancing resistance to biological and abiotic stress. His research and scientific work, active advocating, broad research network and government actions have worked towards transformation of agriculture by utilization of more than 1.2 million hectare of foxtail millet, and 25 million hectares of maize. His scientific work vastly fostered the understanding from the phenotypical characterization ecological evaluation to molecular biology and genomic levels of the maize and foxtail millet. Dr. Wang has authored more than 280 research articles in academic journals and some flagship papers were selected as one of the 100 Best Paper in China in 2017, F5000 and so on. His papers have been cited over 6,800 times.