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Ashour Attia

Elected: 1985

Country (Nationality)



Mathematical Sciences


Prof Ashour has a D.Sc. Sciences – Maths in 1948, PhD Philosophy – Maths in 1967 from London University. He is Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics at Cairo University. He was previously president of the Arab Union of Mathematical and Physics.

He is affiliated to many scientific organisations including: IUGG, IAGA, IMU, ICM, AMU, ICSU, COSTED. His research interests include: “mixed boundary value problems” with application in Theoretical Physics and mainly Theoretical Geomagnetism. He has organized and chaired scientific meetings in different fields of Mathematics like meeting of Experts: UNESCO and Mathematics (1980).

He has 47 publications and his awards include: Mubarak Prizes, Knight in the National Merit Order in France. His memberships include: Senior Visiting Scientist at National Center for Atmospheric Research – Colorado USA, the Egyptian Academy of the Arab Language, visiting Professor at Insitut de Physique de Globe de Paris.