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Coalition for African Research and Innovation (CARI)

Research and innovation at the forefront of Africa’s drive to achieve the SDGs through resource mobilisation, strategic advocacy and partnership development

CARI is a sustainability platform set up with The AAS and her partners to accelerate STI programmes in Africa. The vision for CARI is to be a well-funded, strongly supported and highly coordinated, African science, technology and innovation community, led by Africans to assist Africans to lead better lives sooner. This sustainability platform presents an opportunity to build new AAS programmes and invest in existing AAS programmes with a wider range of partners, focusing on African governments, philanthropy and private sector, that address priority research areas to drive the STI agenda in Africa.

The overall objectives of CARI are:

  • Resource mobilisation: to catalyse greater investment in Africa by actively facilitating investments through multiple approaches including brokering matching fund schemes and regional research funding pools
  • Strategic advocacy: to drive high-level multi-stakeholder engagements aimed at fostering a supportive R&D policy environment in Africa, creating demand for research and innovation, and monitor/publicize levels of R&D investments
  • Systematic collaboration: CARI will strengthen systematic collaboration among actors that fund, conduct and engage in R&I in Africa by acting in conjunction with, and on behalf of, multiple stakeholders including national governments, bi-and multilateral partners, scientists, private companies and investors