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German University of Cairo PhD and Postdoc Opportunities 2019

Funding Call Details

German University of Cairo PhD and Postdoc Opportunities 2019

In the wake of global technological advances, Africa should not just remain consumers but also inventors and managers of technology. Science and technology can build vibrant social and economic growth in Africa. Africa needs to invest more in science, technology, and research as well as the infrastructure needed to support this.1 Much of Africa’s scientific advancement will come from technologists and engineers whose obstacles might yield new scientific insights. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, for example, stemmed from efforts to improve the steam engine. The technology was first developed to address a practical challenge of helping to pump water from flooded mines. In this case, science followed engineering. The point here is not to argue against basic research, but to underscore two important points. First, scientific enterprise is likely to receive greater support if it is directly connected to societal needs. Second, a creative and open approach to scientific research needs to acknowledge the two-way traffic for scientific discoveries. Science can, therefore, be advanced as part of the ongoing investments in infrastructure projects and expansion of entrepreneurial activities across Africa.2  

The German University of Cairo has openings available for African PhD and Postdoc research scientists focusing on science and technology. This scheme is open to researchers in the fields of: 

  1. Mechatronics Engineering 

  1. Medical Micro & Nano Robotics Research 

  1. Information Engineering and Technology 

  1. Management Technology 

Interested doctoral and postdoctoral candidates are invited to apply through The AAS Grants Management System Ishango:  

The deadline for submissions is 9 August 2019.  

Successful applicants will be notified in September 2019. 

Further details on opening available can be found here.

All queries or comments about this call should be addressed to