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DELTAS Africa CPE Seed Fund

Funding Call Details

DELTAS Africa CPE Seed Fund

The DELTAS Africa Community and Public Engagement (CPE) Seed Fund is a 2-year scheme to support up to 50 DELTAS Africa doctoral and postdoctoral trainees to undertake innovative engagement projects aligned to their research projects.  

The fund has been set up with the support of Wellcome and the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

The seed fund criteria will align with the outcomes around the DELTAS Africa Learning Research Programme (LRP)and the DELTAS Africa Theory of Change.

A themed round on an engagement strategy on gender equity in science – to benefit from this seed fund will be developed separately.


  • Enable the DELTAS Africa programmes to build engagement capacity of their researchers and programmes
  • Pilot programmes of activity to promote societal impact of DELTAS Africa research and move towards people-centred approaches
  • For a themed round on gender equality in science; build on a strategy developed by The AAS and support implementation of engagement activities that contribute to the gender equity agenda.

The funding opportunity

The CPE seed fund will enable; DELTAS Africa doctoral and postdoctoral trainees to implement their engagement plans, build engagement capacity of consortia staff and trainees, and pilot programmes of activity to promote societal impact of DELTAS Africa research and move towards people-centred approaches. 

Eligibility for the scheme

To apply you should be:

  1. A citizen of an African country.
  2. Be based in Africa
  3. Be a PhD or postdoctoral trainee affiliated with the DELTAS Africa programme
  4. Hold a permanent or fixed-term contract in an eligible institution which must span the duration of the award. 

Ineligible applicants and projects

     5. Applicants from For-profit organisations are not eligible. 

     6. Engagement projects that seek to; EITHER undertake engagement activities that are of an ethical nature essential to carrying out scientific /health research (Must Do of engagement), OR run/promote health campaigns, OR provide health


All application forms should be submitted through the AAS Grants Management System (Ishango). Register and apply here

The deadline to submit your application is 1 April 2019 at 12 PM GMT.

Applications should be submitted in English.  

Structure of online application 

1. Applicant’s details

2. Information about applicant’s scientific project.

3. Applicant’s motivation to undertake community and public engagement for their science project

4. Proposed outcomes of the community and public engagement project

5. Proposed timelines.

6. Justification of funds requested

Application package

1. Completed online application form 

2. A written down engagement plan

Currency of application and award

US dollars

Average Cost

Each award will be funded up to a maximum of £25,000. These funds will cover the entire duration of the engagement project.  

Ineligible costs

Applicants may not seek funding for 

1. Conference attendance 

2. Equipment

3. Indirect costs

4. Per diem

Total amount of grants for this funding cycle: 

A minimum of twenty-three (23) up to a max of fifty (50) grants will be awarded.

Eligibility Checks (Triage)

Applications will be assessed for eligibility by a Pre-assessment and shortlisting committee at the respective DELTAS Africa research Institutions; consisting of an engagement implementer/staff supported by a small team of internally selected experts.  Checks will focus on;

  • Completeness of the application package, 
  • Compliance to eligibility standards and,
  • Quality of the engagement proposal.  

Only applications whose proposals are approved will proceed to the review committee for further assessment.  


Funds will be disbursed to the applicant’s employing institution or hosting institution, depending on what is most appropriate. 

Ninety percent (90%) of the total award will be disbursed in advance and 10% withheld until a draft report is submitted 1 month after the end of the award.   We will be flexible and work with the individual applicants to ensure the initial 90% covers what they need. 

No-cost extensions will be governed by existing AAS policies.

Undertaking for Applicants

In order to submit an application to the AAS, the applicants and co-applicants must confirm the following:

a. That they have read and understood the AAS Data Protection and Privacy Statement.

b. The information in the application is accurate and complete

c. The AAS grant conditions have been read and are acceptable

d. The necessary facilities will be made available to conduct the research and will continue to be available for the duration of the AAS grant

The AAS grants management policies can be accessed at


All queries or comments about this call should be addressed to  Please specify that you are enquiring about the DELTAS CPE Seed Fund.