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ARISE-PP Grants: Call for Expressions of Interest

Funding Call Details

African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence Pilot Programme | Call for Expressions of Interest


Due to a relatively high volume of applications, Expressions of Interest for ARISE-PP grants are still under review and we expect to complete the exercise by end of October 2021. All applicants will receive a decision on their applications. We thank you for your patience.

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Are you a talented early-career scientist who has already produced excellent supervised work, is ready to work independently and shows potential to be a research leader? The African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence Pilot Programme (ARISE-PP) Grant is an opportunity for you to further develop your research career and become a principal researcher leading your own grant.

Who can apply?

African researchers who are African nationals with 2-7 years of research experience since completion of their PhD, a scientific track record showing great promise, and an excellent research proposal to conduct excellent research in an African university or research institution.

What proposals are eligible?

The ARISE-PP grants are open to applications from all fields of research.  Proposals should take into account the priorities of the AU-EU High Level Policy Dialogue on Science Technology and Innovation (Public Health, Green Transition, Innovation and Technology, Capacities for science).

Eligible Host Institutions

Research must be conducted at an eligible university or research institution located in one of the African Union member states. The Host Institution (HI) must be a legal entity and a leading African institution able to provide an excellent research environment and facilities that match the requirements of the proposed research project.

Applications for an ARISE grant must be submitted by the lead Principal Investigator (PI) in collaboration with, and on behalf of, their African Host Institution. Grants are awarded to the  HI with the explicit commitment that this institution will offer appropriate conditions for the PI to direct the research independently and manage its funding for the duration of the project.

The PI does not necessarily have to be working at the proposed host institution at the time of submission of the proposal. However, a mutual agreement and the host institution’s commitment on how the relationship will be established are necessary, should the proposal be successful. The PI should be planning to work with the students and faculty based at the proposed host institution to enhance the HI’s capacity to undertake cutting edge research.

The call targets to award one grant per country. Therefore, researchers seeking to work at Host Institutions in countries often not awarded grants in pan African research funding calls are encouraged to apply.

How much?

The maximum grant amount per grantee is a lump sum of EUR 500,000 for a period not exceeding 60 months (5 years). An ARISE grant can cover up to 100% of the total eligible direct costs of the research plus a contribution of up to 7% of the total eligible direct costs towards indirect costs.

When the call is published:

  • Read the call documents carefully.
  • Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for ARISE-PP grants and if the call is suitable for you.
  • Identify the host institution and team members for your proposed research project.  Work with your host institution when writing your proposal, to ensure that your host institution can provide you with the support you will need to implement your research project. Allow time for other people to review your draft. Your former supervisor, peers and other scientists can all give you helpful support and feedback.
  • Familiarise yourself with the African Academy of Sciences’ Ishango grant management system and other useful resources. 
  • For help, refer to the FAQ document provided on the ARISE webpage. You may also contact the ARISE team via email on
  • Only one submission per applicant is allowed.
  • Submit your proposal as early as possible; deadlines cannot be changed under any circumstances. You may save and update your draft submission from time to time. However once submitted, proposals cannot be edited.
  • On successful submission of your proposal, you will receive an ‘acknowledgement of receipt’ e-mail. If you do not receive the acknowledgement receipt email, please double check if your proposal has been submitted and contact the ARISE team BEFORE the submission deadline.

After the submission of your Expression of Interest,

  • The Secretariat at the AAS will check that your proposal is complete and meets the call’s eligibility criteria.
  • Eligible proposals will be blind reviewed by an independent Expert Review Panel.
  • The shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit full applications for further consideration.
  • Submission of full applications will be open for 2 months to enable candidates submit solid applications. After the deadline, the full applications will be reviewed by an independent Panel of Experts after which shortlisted candidates will be interviewed for final listing.

Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest (EOI): Friday, 30th July 2021

Submission of Full Application: September – October 2021

Interviews for shortlisted candidates: January 2022

Commencement of Grant Awards: April/May 2022

A. Data information and sharing

Open Science and Open Publishing provides additional value-added opportunities for AAS funded research and grants. Applicants for ARISE-PP are required to demonstrate how their programmes will contribute to these initiatives as a means of advancing scientific knowledge for Africa’s development and comply with data protection measures.

C. Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership by women will be particularly encouraged both as lead and/or co-applicants. Merit will be the key criterion, however gender diversity regarding project leadership is encouraged i.e. networks will be strongly encouraged to consider gender of PIs/Co-PIs when considering partners. Other aspects of diversity and inclusion such as age and disability and people from minority or other disadvantaged groups are also encouraged.

D. Human and animal subjects

The AAS will make available the AAS policies on research on human subjects and use of animals in research for applicants. The AAS also recommends applicants to consult and adhere to the International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects (CIOMS; AAS will ensure any animal research funded through the ARISE-PP awards follows the principles of the European Union Legislation, complies with all local legislation and ethical review procedures, and meets the 3Rs standard (Refinement, Reduction and Replacement of animals as required). The AAS will have a mechanism in place to ensure that any animal research, funded through the ARISE-PP awards, has an appropriate level of review e.g. by approaching the NC3Rs to support the reviews before we make the final awards ( The AAS will also develop mechanisms for regular reviews of use of human subjects and animal use including site visits to ascertain the state of animal welfare, approvals from ethics review boards and existence of institutional animal use and welfare policies, and policies on human participants in research.

E. Programme Risks and Audit

The AAS believes that its funded programmes must be conducted in an environment where there is a strong programme risk management culture, including health and safety measures. Applicants for ARISE-PP are required to demonstrate how they plan to build a programme risk management culture and implement health and safety measures within their projects to ensure successful delivery of their projects if successful.

G. Research Culture

ARISE-PP projects and research must be carried out in enabling environments which are conducive, devoid of any form of intimidation, bullying, harassment, or any other form of encumbrances for fellows and all other participants. Issues around safeguarding are a priority and applicants will be required to provide details on strategies and commitments towards building a strong and enabling research culture, monitoring its performance, reporting cases of any breaches and corrective actions. We will provide copies of the AAS Statement on Safeguarding.

H. Supervision

Full applications will be expected to demonstrate strong governance and supervisory structures and should indicate the ratio of supervisors to students. Where prospective supervisors have been identified, they will need to demonstrate a strong research background and track record in supervising and mentoring people in their scientific area, including information on significant publications.

Please refer to the Guide for Applicants for a full description of the call.


A. Average Cost

ARISE-PP aims to provide substantial support for ambitious programmes which develop the careers of potential leaders through world class research. Grants of up to EURO 500,000 will be issued to support the implementation of research projects for a period not exceeding five years as detailed in the Guide for Applicants. Applicants should be aware that the AAS team will undertake a rigorous budget challenge process Expressions of Interest and (even more stringent) full applications.

B. Budgeting Guidelines

An appropriate budget shall be developed with consideration of the guidelines below.

a) Allowability

Please see a detailed description of allowable and disallowable costs here:

b) Value for money by ensuring that there will be an optimal use of the resources to achieve the intended outcomes.  The budget provisions must consider the economy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

c) Accuracy and completeness

All costs included in the budget template are expected to be complete and accurate. Please ensure to include all possible cost inputs to each programme objective.

d) Reasonability

There should be a written justification for the costs requested in your budget template. The justifications should be based on market rates and experience and supported by at least three quotations for large items as provided for in the AAS Cost Guidelines.

e) Allowable Currency

The allowable currency for budget preparations is Euros. It is expected that the grantee will factor in the multi-year changes that they see as likely to occur in the life of the grant. This includes reasonable inflation rates supported by country data or equivalent. However, the AAS will set a cap on inflation.

Please refer to the Budget Guidelines for guidance.