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Petra Obioma Nnamani

Affiliateship: 2021-2025

Cohort 6

Country (Nationality)



Medical & Health Sciences


Prof. Petra Obioma Nnamani is a Pharmacist, Lecturer and Researcher. She is currently a Georg Forster Research Awardee (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) at Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, and Senior lecturer at the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). She studied Pharmacy in UNN (B. Pharm; 2001) and M. Pharm (2004). During her Ph.D (2006-2010), Petra joined the nanotechnology group at ICS-UNIDO Trieste, Italy (2009) for Early Research Training in Nanotechnology. She obtained her Ph.D (2010) in Drug Delivery and has had postdoctoral trainings as a CV Raman Researcher in Shivaji University Kolhapur, India (2012) and TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visits Programme at HIPS, Saarland University, Saarbruecken Germany (2013). Petra is a Member of the Controlled Release Society USA, New York Academy of Sciences, Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) and Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. Petra is co-author of over 75 original papers and reviewer for a number of top journals. She has attended well over 40 international/local conferences with over 40 contributions. She is recipient of several awards: 1) TechWomen USA (2017). 2) Stars in Global Health Round 4 Phase 1 Award (Ref. 0251-01) by the Grand Challenges Canada, etc. She has other on-going grant works funded by TETFund Nigeria. Petra has two registered patents. Her research focuses on exploring the biological barriers of gastrointestinal tract and the skin, using nanotechnology-based drug carriers capable of crossing epithelial barriers and sustaining drug release in different disease conditions. Petra is happily married and a mother of five lovely children.