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Nusirat Elelu

Affiliateship: 2021-2025

Cohort 6

Country (Nationality)



Agricultural & Nutritional Sciences


Nusirat Elelu is a distinction graduate of Veterinary Medicine from University of Maiduguri, with a Master of Public Health from University of Ibadan and PhD majoring Epidemiology from University of Bristol, UK. She also spent a summer at Institute of Tropical Medicine, Portugal, where she underwent molecular-based training. She is a recipient of the prestigious Africa Research Excellence Fellowship that supported her Postdoctoral training at University of East London, UK. This year, she would be Board certified by the College of Veterinary Surgeon of Nigeria (Public Health specialty).

She began her academic career in 2010 as pioneer staff of newly established Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ilorin. She is presently an Associate Professor of Public Health and have so far supervised about 20 undergraduate/postgraduate students. She held several academic positions including Head of Department and Faculty Postgraduate Coordinator.

She mentors several young female students to pursue medical related discipline and serve as Academic Adviser of Student One Health Initiative, the first of its kind in Africa. She Chaired the Covid-19 Community Engagement Committee in her   State, that ensured the grassroot population were sensitised to uptake preventive measures against the pandemic.

Her work utilizes epidemiological techniques to understand distribution and risk factors of zoonotic diseases to develop sustainable interventions, she specifically studys how much severe human febrile illnesses, vector-borne zoonoses are responsible for. She is also the lead researcher of an IFS-funded project. Ultimately, she hopes to become a research leader contributing to development of life-changing healthcare policies for Africa.