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Mona Abdel-Mottaleb

Affiliateship: 2021-2025

Cohort 6

Country (Nationality)



Medical & Health Sciences


Dr. Mona Abdel-Mottaleb obtained her B.Sc and Masters degree in Drug Technology from the faculty of Pharmacy in Ain Shams University, Egypt. Later she joined the institute of Pharmaceutical Technology in the university of Bonn where she obtained her PhD in 2011. Mona obtained then several postdoctoral fellowships in France and Germany before she took the position of an associate professor in Ain Shams University in Cairo. Her major area of expertise is the use of nanotechnology for enhanced dermal and transdermal drug delivery. She is a member of various scientific societies such as the American association for the advancement of science (AAAS), the controlled release society (CRS) and is also a 2019 fellow of Africa Science Leadership Program (ASLP) and the Future Africa initiative at the university of Pretoria and the global young academy (GYA). She received various scientific awards including the international publications award from Ain Shams university (2009-2020), The best research in Annual Congress of the European Society for Translational Medicine (2015) and the Egyptian State Encouragement Prize in Medical Sciences from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt (2018) and the medal of excellence of the first degree from the president of Egypt in 2019.  Mona is currently working on the development of more efficient therapeutic approaches for cancer and infectious diseases and well as improved vaccination strategies.