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Mohamed Jemaa

Affiliateship: 2021-2025

Cohort 6

Country (Nationality)



Medical & Health Sciences


Mohamed Jemaa is a Doctor in molecular and cellular biology with particular interest in cancer. He had the chance to work within several laboratories and institutions in his home country Tunisia and in France, Germany and Sweden. He is a specialist in cell death subroutine with focus on mitotic catastrophe and apoptosis. Working on cell migration/invasion and cell cycle and aneuploidy/polyploidy in the context of death and/or metastasis. He is being internationally recognized as an expert in the field of genomic instability, and particularly in the identification of antineoplastic strategies based on chromosomal instability. He published more than 50 highly impacted papers in the field of cancer biology and won several academic grants to conduct my research work. He was awarded as best young scientist in Tunisia 2019 and in Sweden 2018 (The Royal Physiographic Society of Lund) and France 2017 (Pole Rabelais, Best cancer research paper). In parallel of his academic work, he also co-founded and coordinate the Young Tunisians Researchers in Biology, a large Diaspora Network for scientific diplomacy engagement and pro-Tunisian science lobbying. He is also a scientific advisor committee for the MEF Think-and-Do-Tank, the Maghreb Economic Forum and CEO of Learn To Win, a consulting company for science related jobs.