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Luciano Michaël Tantely

Affiliateship: 2021-2025

Cohort 6

Country (Nationality)



Medical & Health Sciences


Dr. Luciano Michaël Tantely is a research associate in medical entomology at the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar (IPM). He received a PhD degree in medical and veterinary entomology in 2013 from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. Prior to joining the Medical Entomology Unit at IPM to undertake his PhD thesis research, Dr Tantely was accepted in 2008 into the International Master of Entomology programme during which he completed his Master degree with joint supervision from the Abomey-Calavi University (Benin) and the Montpellier 2 University (France). Currently as a research associate at IPM, he leads the research group “Mosquitoes, malaria and arboviroses” within the Medical Entomology Unit. His research interests focus on understanding 1) the taxonomy and the roles of mosquitoes, as potentials vectors of infectious diseases and 2) the role of environment and climatic factors in modulating the distribution and the biology of theses vectors in Madagascar. He is also interested in phlebotomines sandflies, Culicoïdes and bed bugs. Dr Tantely has received different fundings for his research. He was awarded in 2018 a research training fellowship from the Wellcome Trust foundation. Dr Tantely is part of the Doctoral School team of the Life and Environmental Science of the Antananarivo University and has supervised nine pre-Master 2 and Master 2 students. He has published over 25 articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters. He serves as a reviewer for several international journals specializing in medical entomology.