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Franklin Kenechukwu

Affiliateship: 2021-2025

Cohort 6

Country (Nationality)



Medical & Health Sciences


Dr. Franklin Kenechukwu (Nigerian) received his Ph.D in Pharmaceutics (Drug-Delivery) in 2017, from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), where he is currently a Senior Lecturer, Research Leader and Managing Editor of African Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development. He has co-authored >120 scientific articles/reviews and book-chapters, and has delivered >30 presentations at conferences/workshops/symposia/summits worldwide.

Kenechukwu has received several fellowships/awards/grants/bursaries/scholarships, including the MAM-2020 Travel Award (Australia, 2020),  AGNES Junior Researcher Grant (Germany, 2019), WCAIR Travel Award (UK, 2019), INCT-FCx Travel Bursary (Brazil, 2019), BMGF Global Health Travel Award (USA, 2018), Best Abstract Award (2018), ACU Early Career Grant (UK, 2017), CLINAM Fellowship (Switzerland, 2017), Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Prize Awards (2017), Best Departmental Graduating Student Award (2007), among others.

Kenechukwu won the TETFund NRF Grant (Nigeria) as the principal investigator, has successfully supervised/mentored several students, has been editor/reviewer for nineteen international journals, belongs to several local/national/international professional associations/bodies and was recently rated as one of the most influencing researchers by Scholarly Output in Nigeria.

During postdoctoral research in Brazil, he completed projects that explored biopolymer sourced from Africa for the development of nanomedicines for malaria and onychomychosis treatment, funded by CNPq (Brazil) and TWAS (Italy).

Kenechukwu is passionate about using his scientific knowledge and experience to improve therapies for patients and applying drug delivery technologies that enable medicines of the future. His research interest is centered on development of advanced lipid-based/polymeric drug formulations. The AAS Affiliates programme will support his professional development and nurture enabling research environments for him through training/mentoring activities.