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Apinjoh Obejum Tobias

Affiliateship: 2016 - 2020

Cohort 1

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Obejum is an early career researcher and Lecturer based at the University of Buea in Buea, Cameroon. With a PhD in Biochemistry (University of Buea, Cameroon) and Genetic Manipulation (University of Nottingham, UK), he has been studying malaria epidemiology and immunology in pregnant women and children since 2003. His research interests include infectious disease (especially malaria) epidemiology, pathogenesis and immunology.

He is currently focusing on population genetics and drug resistance testing of Plasmodium falciparum across different micro-ecological zones of Cameroon, aiming to produce information on the genetic structure of these parasite populations critical to the detection of signatures of natural selection in the parasite genome. Dr Obejum was a Malaria Genomic Epidemiology (MalariaGEN) Data Fellow for Cameroon and is a member of the Plasmodium Diversity Network Africa (PDNA).