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Ali Esmael Habtamu

Affiliateship: 2018 - 2022

Cohort 3

Country (Nationality)

United Kingdom



Esmael is a Public Eye Health Specialist with nine years of experience in eye care research and service delivery. He has successfully coordinated various large collaborative research projects on the management of the blinding stage of trachoma (infectious blinding eye disease), which are currently influencing global policy, and delivered surgical service to thousands of people who were at risk of losing their sight from trachoma. Dr Esmael holds a Master’s Degree and PhD from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UK.

He was awarded the Gordon Johnson Prize for outstanding performance during his MSc course; and took a public Management and Leadership Course at Georgia State University, USA, provided by Mandela Washington Fellowship Programme for Young African Leaders. Dr Esmael is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH) at LSHTM. He will lead eye care research projects in Ethiopia, and hopes to develop and lead comprehensive eye care research, training and service providing institution that will help alleviate the huge burden of avoidable blindness in his country Ethiopia.