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Clinical Trial Site Platform

The CTC online portal provides an engagement network for clinical trials stakeholders. For example: clinical trials

Summary of the features on the platform include:

clinical trials

The platform can be accessed here

Summary of Key Features

User Profiling
CTC Regulatory Bodies & Ethical Committee
CTC Clinical Trial Sites
CTC 3rd Party Integration

Advisory Committee Members

An advisory committee comprising reputable experts in the clinical trials space on the African continent has been set up to advise the AAS:

AESA Team Member
David Ishola London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
AESA Team Member
Thomas Nyirenda EDCTP, South Africa
AESA Team Member
Sameh Trabelsi The Research Laboratory in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology - Tunisia
AESA Team Member
Priscilla Nyambayo Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe
AESA Team Member
Jerome Singh Bioethics, CAPRISA, South Africa
AESA Team Member
Margareth Ndomondo Sigonda-NEPAD-AUDA, South Africa
AESA Team Member
Skhumbuzo Ngozwana Kiara Health, a CRO, South Africa
AESA Team Member
MAIGA Diadie WHO - Afro, Congo Brazzaville
AESA Team Member
Jeanine Condo Rwanda Biomedical Center - Rwanda
AESA Team Member
Trudie Lang The Global Health Network (TGHN)