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James Kahongeh

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James Kahongeh is a highly versatile and enthusiastic journalist with three years of experience in print media, I am currently working as a features correspondent at the Daily Nation (owned by the Nation Media Group, Kenya) from 2016. 

Grantee Description

I am passionate about global social trends, development, data journalism, technology, innovation and science. I am profoundly excited about the dynamics brought about by technology in the journalism arena. 

I studied a degree course in Linguistics, Media and Communication at Moi University, Kenya. My skill-set spans print, broadcast and digital media. 

Having started off my career as an intern three years ago, I have since transformed into a dependable journalist and editors’ go-to person with the ability to execute major story projects with incredible ease. 

My insatiable curiosity to thank, my presentation skills, ability to work within strict daily and weekly timelines and to submit well-researched, incisive and multidimensional social stories with a bent on data have transformed immensely.  

In July 2019, I completed an exhaustive short course on data journalism, and the vast possibilities that exist within this domain, as a tool to tell diverse stories in a simpler and comprehensive fashion.  

I couldn’t be happier to be in this space as technology and data journalism gain traction locally and regionally.