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The African Academy of Sciences Travel grant to INORMS 2020 Conference in Hiroshima, Japan

Funding Call Details

The AAS Travel grant to INORMS 2020 Conference in Hiroshima, Japan


The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS) is a non-aligned, non-political, not-for-profit pan African organisation whose vision is to see transformed lives on the African continent through science. The AAS’s tripartite mandate is recognising excellence through our highly prestigious fellowship, Affiliates and award schemes, providing advisory and think tank functions for shaping Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) strategies and policies and implementing key Science, Technology and Innovation programmes addressing Africa’s developmental challenges.

 The Research Management Programme in Africa (ReMPro Africa) is an initiative of The AAS that aims to fill critical gaps in the African research ecosystem to support a vibrant research culture and leadership at universities and research institutions. This was based on findings from scoping studies undertaken in Africa.  ReMPro Africa overall aims to transform research management at institutional level by addressing four key interconnected strands, namely, leadership, sustainability, individual capacity development, and standards.

Research Management is a key component of the research ecosystem in Africa and yet it is not fully appreciated. It is a growing profession with a limited number of individuals with RM skills and capacities to support researchers in many African research institutions. Increasingly, there is need for specialists’ staff to support researchers to produce high quality research and enhance the impact of the research undertaken.  These skills can be built through professional trainings and cross-learning through interactions within professional networks i.e. the research and innovation management associations (RIMAs) and other research managers and administrators societies.

Every two years, the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) brings together research management societies and associations from across the globe. Its purpose is to enable interactions, share good practice, and coordinate activities amongst the member societies, to the benefit of their individual membership. In 2020, the conference will be held in Hiroshima, Japan (


The AAS is awarding 10 travel grants to research managers and administrators in Africa to attend the INORMS 2020 conference. The conference provides the opportunity to meet, learn and discuss issues of research management and to develop professionally through networking.

  • Research managers and administrators at universities and or research institutions in Africa.
  • Applicants must have been in the position for a minimum of three (3) years and maximum of six (6) years.
  • Preference will be given to:
    • Applicants who have submitted an abstract for presentation at the conference.
    • Applicants who are members of their regional research management and innovation association   
    • Applicants who are actively involved in the process of establishing research management functions in their institution.  
    • Applicants who are on the non-academic track at their institutions

Please note that the bullets above depict preference and do not exclude applications where the relevant structures do not exist.

  • Return economy class ticket - The AAS reserves the right to fund travel routes that are least costly
  • Airport transfers in Japan. Applicants will provide airport transfers in their home countries.
  • Visa costs reimbursements
  • Accommodation for 5 nights (full board) this will be booked by the AAS.
  • Conference registration – (complementary by INORMS including gala dinner)

The grant will not cover:

  • Per diems.
  • Networking events (other than mentioned above).
  • Travel/medical insurance including any immunisations required.
  • Actively participate in the pre-conference workshop on ‘Strengthening Research Ecosystems in LMICs through Research Management Competency’’ on 25th May 2020.
  • Actively participate in the session on ‘’The External Global Environment is Changing Strategic Planning for Research ‘’
  • Participate in the conference from 25th – 28th May 2020.
  • Submit a report (template will be provided) within 2 weeks after the conference.

Applications will be assessed based on the following:

  • The candidate – evidence of experience working in a research management office function and demonstrable interest in promoting RM in their institution
  • Motivation statement. The letter should highlight among others:
  • How you meet the application criteria.
  • How you will be actively participating in the conference e.g. submitted an abstract or poster for presentation and your interest in participating in the workshops on ’Strengthening Research Ecosystems in LMICs through Research Management Competency’’ and ‘’The External Global Environment is Changing Strategic Planning for Research”.
  • The benefit that your participation in the conference will have for your own professional development
  • The benefit that your participation in the conference will have on your institution
  • How you will share your learning from the workshop and conference with your peers and/or community of practice.

All applications will be reviewed by a Decision Committee which will include The AAS staff as well as external experts. The committee’s decision will be final.